The Artist

The Artist

Colorado Springs Photographer

My passion for women blossomed from my own personal journey going from self-hate, to knowing I am good enough. I grew up with a well-intentioned mother who restricted my food and discussed my weight with the neighbor. I always marched to the beat of my own drum and never quite fit in. Add these to the package of childhood trauma and you have a self-hater. I could never be good enough. I am not a five foot nine willowy model. I am a short five foot three, solid gal. It took having 2 girls (and lots of therapy) for me to see who I really was all along. I am smart. I am lovable. I am more than enough. Does this story sound familiar? As women, we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We can accomplish more than we think and do more than we realize. I want this for you! You are more beautiful and more amazing than you allow yourself to believe! My mission is to show every woman on this planet how amazing she truly is and reflect back to her the beauty that those who love her already see.

Let us capture all the amazing sides of you!

I adore my husband and 4 kids more than I could have ever dreamed. My tattoos each tell a very special story about my life. I get bored easily so my hair is always changing, my brain is always learning, and my life is always full of activity. When I have a moment to breathe, free of children, my nose is probably stuck in a book or leafing through a fashion magazine for inspiration and a cup of black coffee or wine is nearby. If I am with my family, we are usually baking or enjoying nature.