Not Me!

What is beauty and boudoir photography?

Our aim is to capture you as you are on your very best day. Whether you want yourself in lingerie or a bit more covered, we love it all! We want to bring that out whether is it more of a professional shoot with headshots or glamour time with an amazing dress, or a boudoir session with gorgeous lingerie. Our goal is superb, personal service and amazing photographs. No, it’s not glamour shots. We call it modern or contemporary portraiture. We aim for classy and classic.

I am not photogenic. Will my images even look good?

We believe every person is unique and amazing in their own way. You probably don’t feel photogenic because no one has ever taught you how to pose your body. Unfortunately, it isn’t a gift we are born with, even supermodels are taught how to pose. Not only is this time to get amazing photographs of yourself, but a time to learn how to pose your specific body. No longer will you feel awkward when someone flashes a camera in your face and asks you to smile. It isn’t your job to be photogenic. It is our job to show you how to move your body for the maximum wow factor. We have you covered down to every last finger and your expression.

How can I afford this?

We put our money toward what we value. As a mom, often we felt guilty spending much money on ourselves. We needed to show our children how to take care of themselves in a healthy, balanced way. Shannon has a personal mission to get every woman to exist in photographs. We shy away because we are worried how we look (refer to the photogenic question above). How sad would it be if something happened to you today and your loved ones didn’t have any photographs of you to remind themselves of the amazing person were? You can squirrel away a little money each month and save up, you can use your tax return, you can ask for a gift certificate for your birthday or Christmas, you could even have a garage sale (declutter AND earn money!). Get creative and brainstorm! If you are really stuck, we gladly offer payment plans.

What can you do about my problem areas?

We are all imperfectly perfect! Much of your insecurities can be taken care of with posing and great wardrobe choices. We also use Photoshop for light touchups like acne and bruises. Please let us know if there are scars, birthmarks, or other concerns you want removed or kept.

I am so nervous!

So is everyone women in front of our camera. It’s normal, you aren’t weird. Please let us know if there are specific areas you are nervous about so we can put you at ease before you even step in front of the camera.

Do you accept credit cards?

Absolutely! If you need to split your purchase on multiple cards, we can do that too.

Is hair and makeup included?

Yes! We think hair and makeup add to the fun, pampered time. If you have sensitivities, please let us know beforehand.

Can I get just digitals?

All of our folio boxes include the digital with print rights and a complimentary matted print. Our wall images come ready to be framed with the corresponding digital. We deeply believe in the value of a beautiful print to hang on your wall or gift to a loved one.

Will my photos be shown online?

We are so proud of the amazing women we get to shoot and it’s hard for us not to brag on them. If there are photos you don’t feel comfortable with us sharing, please let us know. We understand and want to respect all of our client’s wishes. In the end the pictures are for you to see your own beauty.

How do I prepare now that my session is booked?

After you are on our calendar we will have a complimentary consultation with you. If it’s in person we will give you our welcome guide. If we are only able to do a Facebook chat, we will mail it to you. Don’t worry, we have you covered.